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Epoxy Floor Coatings, paints and resins Welcome to.

Product information of more than 950, more than 10 years of industry experience, has been delivered without the return to work process is different, we know them. Our team of specialists and their work on the top of the standing of our technical staff are serving. Producing material that best suits your project, the application according to the functions and information needs;

In Industrial Flooring

* Epoxy coatings
* Polyurethane Flooring Systems
* Methyl MetAkrilat ground Systems
* Cement-based Surface hardening
* Technological alum
* Area and the concrete floor
* Sports and Special-purpose external and internal floor space

Insulation in your business

* Roof terrace insulation curtain of basic water
* Polyurethane - water, heat and sound insulation and UV resistant
* Water transfer, storage and waste water for insulation
* Treatment systems for water and moisture insulation
* Building heat and sound insulation of mantolama
* Material from the differences in insulation problems
* Chronic becoming - the solution for you that are waiting for us to be different in all the insulation problem, please contact us.

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